The Fitness Journey: The Complete 3-Step Cycle

Adult life can get overwhelmingly busy fast. Your responsibilities at home and for your family will pile up as days go by, so you might not have a lot of available time left for yourself. Your career will eat up almost your entire day, making it challenging for you to insert life-related events into your schedule. You might extend a few hours for overtime work. Speaking of life-related events, you might have to fill in the remaining gaps you can find in your schedule with social interactions, special occasions, and holiday celebrations.

Because of the busy schedule, you can develop the excuse for lacking time to dedicate yourself to physical fitness. However, you will find that it might not be an option. Staying in shape is your best defense against diseases and other health complications. The boost your immune system can get from a healthy lifestyle will be critical for the rest of your adult life, especially during retirement.

It does not mean that the fitness journey is straightforward. You will experience struggles, doubts, pain, and frustration. However, the results of your labor will be fruitful. It is essential to take it one step at a time, making it critical to use this guide for your fitness journey.

Setting a Goal


You might be one of those people who promised themselves that they want to work on their fitness every time the New Year arrives. However, you will find that it is more than an activity. If you desire to take on the fitness journey, you will have to dedicate yourself to a lifetime commitment to your mind and body. It will be essential to determine a starting point, which is where you can set goals.

You might feel unsatisfied with your body now, pushing you to lose weight and get into shape. It will be necessary to set up your weight goal to give yourself a target, allowing you to focus on a prize or a reward. You do not have to set the bar high up, especially when you know that the weight loss could become harmful to your health. You can stretch it out to short-term goals, helping you pace yourself. Once you reach them, you can work on pushing yourself to your limits. You will feel surprised to know what you can achieve.

Changing Mentality


It will be easy enough for people to get started on losing weight. You might feel motivated to exercise and believe that you can make time for it. The initial actions will not be the hardest. If you want to determine the obstacles that present the challenge, you will find that maintaining the mentality to stay fit will be your mortal enemy.

An unpleasant experience at the gym might dissuade you from returning. The pain you experience after working out a couple of times might end up being unbearable. You might fall behind in some of your other responsibilities at home and work, forcing you to sacrifice your workout sessions. Those situations could appear in different parts of the fitness journey and convince you to get out of the beneficial cycle.

However, you will find that maintaining your focus can prevent your journey to fitness from slipping out of your schedule. It will be necessary to think of workout routines as a responsibility to your body.

Your eating habits must also change. Try to phase out or regulate unhealthy snacks that could get in the way of your progress. You can change your mindset about your fitness journey by creating routines, making sacrifices, and prioritizing health. It might take a few days to instill it in your daily tasks, but you will achieve it as long as you keep your eye on your goal.

Helping Others

Once you have the confidence, mentality, and activity instilled in your mind, you will begin to enjoy the beneficial results of your hard work. You finally reached your weight goal and get into good shape. However, it does not mean that your fitness journey ends there. You will have to continue committing to the path until it becomes a lifestyle. People will notice, especially when they know that you came far from when you started everything.

You might even find yourself helping others pursue their fitness journey, even if it is in small steps. You can start with your loved ones and friends. If you desire it, you can turn fitness into a profession. However, you must enroll yourself in the best nutrition courses for personal trainers to help you in your quest. Assisting others show how far you’ve come from your fitness journey, serving as an inspiration to persevere.

It can be challenging to maintain your efforts to stay on board the fitness journey, but you have to overcome the obstacles to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, this guide allows you to take it one step at a time.

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