Motorhome Life: Preparation, Costs, and Life-Changing Effects

Living in a country as breathtaking as New Zealand would tempt anyone to never stop traveling. There are always new sights to see and explore, and being unable to enjoy all of them is quite anti-climactic. Traveling is costly, given the cost of transportation, accommodation, food, and everything else in between. But surely, you’d not rather stay indoors and miss the opportunity to watch the most beautiful landscapes unfold before your eyes.

There is a solution to traveling endlessly and effortlessly: buying a motorhome. This is a camper van or recreational vehicle (RV) that you can rent or live in. In New Zealand, affordable, high-end motorhomes are for sale. RV living can accommodate your luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle as well.

Perks of RV Living

You can travel comfortably anytime and anywhere. It may be a bit challenging because of the limited space and unconventional style, but imagine being able to live anywhere; one day you’re in one place, and the next day, you’re literally miles away without ever leaving home. It’s a way to live your life to the fullest.

Cost of RV Living

A research was done to determine how much people living in motorhomes spend yearly, and it was revealed that the average annual spending is NZ $20,000. Here are the factors that decide the cost figures:

  • Campground

The research found that people who stay on paid campgrounds at least once a week spend just under NZ $19,000/year on average, compared to those who stay on free sites spending under NZ $20,000. Surprisingly, the figures don’t differ much. Staying on free sites may save money from rental expenses, but not perhaps on vehicle maintenance and insurance.

  • Length of Motorhome Living

People who have been living on the road for a longer time (1-3 years) reportedly have the lowest average annual expenses. Over the years, motorhome veterans have found effective ways of minimise their cost of living.

family inside an RV

  • Source of Income

People living in RVs who have full-time jobs are found to spend NZ $19,000/year on average, while those who work part-time surprisingly spend an average of NZ $21,700/year. People who earn passive income tend to be more financially secure compared to their fellows in the other two categories.

Ultimately, all expenses will depend on what kind of lifestyle you have. You may or may not require more living items than others. Before living the RV life, it is important to first assess if you can afford this free-spirited way of living.

Is Full-Time RV Living For You?

Living in a recreational vehicle is not a simple decision to make. Before you ditch your stationary home for an RV, there are important aspects of your life that should be taken into consideration. Your age, health, family, capabilities, and finances are among those.

Many people long to live in a motorhome because it saves a lot of money especially on travel expenses, but this is not always the case. As stated, expenses depend most on your lifestyle. Getting accustomed to the limited space and an unconventional way of life is not as easy as you may think, so ponder carefully if a motorhome suits you.

Vehicle maintenance would also add to the costs. Some people may assume that living in motorhomes would require less labor, but maintaining the vehicle requires hard work and dedication as well.

Despite the difficulties, living in a motorhome has many life-changing effects. You grow every day because you’re out of your comfort zone, which makes you stronger, and there’s always something to forward to. Learning opportunities are in every place you go to. Motorhome living is a one-of-a-kind experience that will take you to many places, test your limits daily, and make you always satisfied because of the amazing things you get to see every day.

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