Politicians Today Are More Progressive than Ever

The latest government debates clearly show how some presidential candidates have changed. They have abandoned their moderate base to pander the most extreme progressives.

Government-run Healthcare

In the debate, the majority of the candidates planned to impose government-run healthcare, with some favoring the dissolution of private healthcare options. This will take away the healthcare of millions of Americans relying on private healthcare systems provided by their companies or even individuals that depend on hospital gap insurance providers. Imposing a single healthcare system on every American not only deprives them of choice; it is also inefficient and costly. Without competition, singular systems will become corrupt, costs will skyrocket, and innovation will stagnate. Canada is an excellent example of the failures of a government-run healthcare system, with Canadian citizens fighting for their right to choose their healthcare provider and opt out of the government’s failure on healthcare.

Birth Prevention

woman taking in a pill

Unless they’re pandering to their most extreme constituents, there is no justification for birth prevention. It’s not even late-term termination but full-term misbirth, where the fetus is ready to be born or already out of the womb. The majority of politicians oppose termination after the 20th week. Sixty-four percent of politicians who identify themselves as pro-Life are against misbirth after the first trimester, unless the mother’s health is in danger. Only the most extreme people will demand full-term termination of babies already born. Sadly, this is the stand of the majority of presidential candidates, with Julian Castro even advocating for free birth prevention for transwomen — which would be impossible unless men develop ovaries. Politicians taking the most extreme positions will only disillusion their own base and assure that swing states stay progressive.

Open Borders

Call it the anti-Trump stance or whatever, but every candidate on the debate stage took a stand for open borders. Illegal immigrants who cross the boundaries must not be prevented from crossing or prosecuted. Never mind that more than 150,000 (that we know of) illegal immigrants just crossed the border last month. Never mind that 70 percent of unlawful immigrants rely on welfare. Never mind that illegal immigrants cause a disproportionate amount of crime — sometimes 10 times more — than the average U.S. citizen. Every unlawful immigrant costs taxpayers $80,000-$100,000 throughout their stay in the USA. Just one year’s worth of illegal immigrants crossing the border will cost taxpayers $180 billion — thrice the annual budget of the Department of Education. Certain politicians are pandering to illegal immigrants — that have no votes — over actual U.S. citizens to appear virtuous and perhaps create a new base once they enact sweeping immigration amnesties.

In the end, many government leaders these days have left their parties. There is a clear divide from the policies they are pushing and the opinions of the average voter. The average voter does not want socialist policies, open borders, or the murder of newly born babies. This disconnect between leaders and their own base will only ensure four more years of Donald Trump.

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