Life on the Road: How to Physically Prepare Yourself for Your Long Trip

Americans travel a couple of times a year. Studies have shown that Americans take two billion domestic trips each year. Their international travel is much smaller, measured at about 93 million each year, but when compared, it’s still one of the highest. The reason for traveling vary. Some travel for leisure while some do it for work.

The number of trips has drastically been reduced due to the pandemic. It’s been estimated that the US will lose about a hundred billion dollars due to the lack of international travel both into and outside the country. The pandemic had also halted all kinds of travel in the country when it started last year. But this year, travel restrictions have been eased, and many Americans are taking domestic and international trips daily. However, it wasn’t the same number as it was before. If you’re planning for a long journey this year, you must prepare yourself physically. This will ensure that you can get the best out of your trip without worrying about your body. Here are some ways you can physically prepare yourself for your long trip this year.

Get a Checkup

Many Americans suffer from some chronic illnesses. These illnesses vary by person. But the point of it all is that you need to know whether you’re suffering from the symptoms of it or not.

Suffering from a symptom of a particular chronic illness such as diabetes requires you to take insulin once in a while to keep your sugar levels balanced. If you have scoliosis, you must get physiotherapy for scoliosis months before you travel. But you’ll need to get a checkup before you know if you have any illness. Additionally, your doctor will be the one who will prescribe to you what treatment you need and whether you can travel or not.

It has become mandatory for Americans to get a check-up during the pandemic before going on international travel. Some countries even require Americans to get a vaccine before entering. This is to ensure that they do not have the virus and they don’t spread the virus. It’s also to ensure that they aren’t part of the vulnerable group of people who the virus can easily infect.

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Exercise Months Before Your Trip

If you haven’t been exercising for quite some time, it’s time to go back into it right now. Traveling can be tiresome, especially when you’re not planning to commute as much. To prepare you for this, you’ll have to limber up and start hitting the gym months before your trip.

You don’t have to do anything too hard like cross-fit or lifting weights. A light exercise will do. Simple aerobic exercises can do wonders for your trip. You can also walk in the park or hike in a national park to prepare your legs for the long trip ahead. If you lack time to exercise, then you can resort to stretching. Stretching can loosen up your muscles and prepare you for your everyday activities. By stretching your muscles months before your trip, you are technically preparing them for it. Just make sure that you also stretch while you are out on your long trip to keep the momentum going.

Many people who travel tend to take exercise for granted. They tend to think that they are fit enough for the long trip ahead. But without exercise, they will start to feel cramps and other forms of muscle pain, especially when they begin to be more active in another country. So don’t forget to exercise before you leave the US.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can help supplement your exercise regime months before the trip. So make sure to integrate breathing exercises when you are exercising and stretching.

There are a lot of benefits to doing breathing exercises. One of which is that it teaches how to breathe normally. Many people tend to breathe through their mouths, which is quite unhealthy as the path from your mouth doesn’t lead directly to your lungs. Instead, learn to breathe to your nose. This is a more efficient way of breathing and will help you during your long walks on your trips. You can learn to do this through various breathing exercises. Furthermore, these exercises will also help you stay mentally alert while you are on your trip.

Here are some simple ways you can physically prepare your body for a long trip this year. There is one thing you should know: exercising only a few days before your trip can be detrimental because you’ll be nursing muscle aches. So make sure that you do these things in advance so that there is ample time for your body to heal itself.

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