Straighter teeth with no one needing to know how

Wouldn’t it be great if patients were able to straighten their teeth discreetly, making for a more convenient and emotionally comfortable experience for individuals, both teenagers and working age adults alike?

Well that is the case with Invisalign in St Albans. Patients are able to wear a clear plastic aligner throughout the day and night that fits snugly over their teeth and is barely noticeable when they talk or smile. After several months of treatment in this way, individuals can have beautiful, straight teeth that not only look healthier, but feel great as well.

Having straight teeth is important not only for an individual’s self-esteem, but for their general health and wellbeing as well. Firstly, practising good oral hygiene demands that teeth be set correctly in the mouth to reduce the amount of hard-to-reach places. Where teeth are tightly packed together, possibly even crossing over, it is difficult to brush and floss, meaning that there is bound to be an accumulation of bacteria and plaque.

Where there is plaque, there is bound to be the onset of decay and when not treated in a timely manner, then decay can set in, causing cavities and in the worst case situations, tooth loss.

There is also the point to make where having straighter teeth and jaws enables individuals to chew correctly, speak better and live a healthier life as a result. Although many alignment issues are picked up at a young age by skilled professionals, there are instances where they are not, or braces cannot be afforded or even that the twisting has gradually become more severe over time, resulting in adults needing treatment just as much as younger individuals do.

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Whether it is a cosmetic concern or not, the fact remains that the number of adults seeking corrective treatment for the alignment of their teeth and jaw is on the rise, and ways to address the specific concerns that these individuals have are also on the increase, developed by considerate and experienced oral health care professionals.

As a result, a vast series of different styles of braces are now on the market, enabling each individual to look at their specific needs and lifestyle choices and meet these with the options that are available. Dentists are confident that they have a solution for every patient, whether they be a teenager or a working adult finally ready to improve their wellbeing.

Why choose a removable device?

Removable options, such as these clear aligners are suitable for those people who have the willpower to work through the programme, but enjoy the freedom of having less demands and impacts on their daily schedule.

Although the device needs to be worn for about 22 hours each day, they can remove them to eat, so they do not need to be concerned about cleaning between wires or avoiding certain foods.

Because the clear aligners do not look invasive in any way, for those professionals looking to maintain a certain image, this can definitely be achieved in this way.

By speaking to a dentist about their needs, any patient will be able to determine what treatment would best suit their interests, so that they can have a more enjoyable teeth straightening experience.

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