Success Without A Degree: Professions They Can Try

Many are still of the opinion that a person needs to have finished university to make it big in society. There’s some truth behind this thinking, considering how earning a degree can open countless doors of opportunities. However, it does not mean that it’s the end-all-be-all method of becoming a successful person.

Given the right apprenticeship or certification, even those who were unable to finish university can be successful in their own rights. A prime example of such a career path that can help them achieve greatness is entrepreneurship, but there are many others for those who are uninterested in starting their own business.

Residential Advisor

Also known as residential assistants or RAs, residential advisors are the heads of their chosen community. This can be a dorm within a college campus, a group home, or another similar establishment. As the head, they have several responsibilities, namely overseeing the maintenance and organization of their community.

That means being in charge of enforcing the rules and seeing to it that every member follows said rules. Alongside this is ensuring the safety of every member of the community. That is done while keeping track of their needs and providing it to the best of the RAs’ abilities.

Car Service Driver

Carpooling services continue to grow in popularity since they help pull out private cars on the road. People are considering how comfortable and accessible pooling services are compared to driving or taking public transit. At the best times, they are also quite affordable and convenient.

Given this, it’s only understandable that companies have more job openings for the position of a car service driver. Anyone can apply, even those without a degree, as long as they’re competent at driving.

A person doesn’t even need to own a vehicle to become a car service driver. Companies like Grab, for example, accept drivers with no ownership provided that their hybrid car rental is in good condition and comes from a reputable partnership.

Administrative Assistant

Any person taking on the role of an administrative assistant should be capable of multitasking and have stellar organizational and interpersonal skills. This is because the responsibilities of an administrative assistant are similar to that of a secretary’s. That is, to provide support for other office personnel.

A few of the responsibilities they take up to be successful at their jobs are schedule appointments, update calendars, relay messages from one staff to another, prepare memos and reports, and maintain a proper database and filing system.

A pro tip for those interested in this career path: it’s also important for one to be adept at handling a computer. That is because most of the tasks that an administrative assistant has to accomplish are usually done digitally.

Purchasing Agent

job recruitment

Many businesses won’t thrive without their chosen equipment, and someone needs to ensure that said equipment is purchased promptly with the best pricing in mind. This is where a purchasing agent enters.

Purchasing agents are tasked with coordinating with outside organizations to acquire the products and equipment that their companies need. Given this, any person who enters this field should be an outstanding negotiator so that they can attain the best deals if not always, then most of the time.

Another skill they would need is interpersonal skills. It will help them better when establishing their network of vendors, resulting in easier purchases when connections have been made. Lastly, they’d need organizational skills so that they can properly track delivers and ensure they make it on time with no losses.

Taking all these into consideration, we can safely assume that without a degree, one is required to build up their repertoire of skills to be successful in their chosen career paths. Said skills can be learned and honed through experience, which any person can get through apprenticeships and on the job training.

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