It’s All About Intuition: The Beauty Behind the Intuitive Skincare Trend

If you’re a beauty aficionado, you’re probably the type who’s always on top of beauty trends and wants to try every trending beauty product. From fancy advertising, glossy packaging, and celebrity reviews, these things are enough to drive you to make a purchase. But among the products you have, have you stopped for a while to think about their effects on your skin, or are you just looking for a way to satisfy that beauty craving?

As new skincare trends emerge every day, many of us feel compelled to follow all the new rules and trending guides, hoping to make our skin look perfect. Meanwhile, those with severe skin problems are resorting to expert dermatologists to repair their damaged skin cleanly and get that dream glow. But apart from all these helpful steps, have you tried listening to what your skin really wants?

Intuitive skin care is a fresh approach in skin care by abandoning skincare products and protocols, and paying attention to your skin’s cues, and providing what it really needs. This approach is a relatively new concept in the beauty industry that’s been rising in popularity. So if you want to end the war with all your skin issues, read below to understand what intuitive skin care is all about.

What is intuitive skin care?

Intuitive skin care is all about ditching the beauty products you swear by and using a slow and thoughtful approach to meet your skin’s actual needs. Instead of buying the promises of commercial brands and trying out random beauty products, this approach encourages you to take a step back and take the time to understand what your skin is feeling.

Most people have a habit of applying products to their skin without knowing what they can really do. For instance, those with dull skin turn to products containing hyaluronic acid instead of using vitamin C. The only time you’ll use a product with hyaluronic acid is when your skin is drying out.

The principle of intuitive skin care lies in reflecting on your own individuality because no skin is the same. Skin care is not just about following every trend there is but establishing one on your own based on your skin concern. Every person is exposed to different stressors and other environmental factors that affect their skin condition. That’s why it’s important to recognize the unique needs of your skin, which you cannot find by simply watching reviews and Youtube tutorials.

The trick to this skincare routine is all about balancing the ingredients and products you use for your skin. This approach will give you an empowering feeling by taking control of what you apply based on your skin type and needs.

What are the rules of intuitive skin care?

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A successful approach to intuitive skin care lies in patience and consistency. It also requires acceptance that your skin doesn’t need too many products and letting go of all unnecessary skin routines.

Paying close attention to your skin and body is the critical step to determine which product works for you. Take a look at your reflection. Does your skin feel dry, oily, or a combination of both? Do you see any blemishes or breakouts?

If you don’t trust your intuition, the best thing you should do is to seek a skincare specialist. They have the expertise and the tools to identify your skin type and the best products that work for your skin. For those who have severe skin issues, such as acne, photoallergic dermatitis, or any skin problem that won’t go away, it’s better to consult an experienced dermatologist.

For best results, it’s also important to get enough sleep. Sleep and our skin always go hand in hand, so getting a full seven hours of sleep is necessary to allow the skin to recover and rest. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water and eat skin-healthy foods.

What are the benefits of intuitive skin care?

Taking the time to listen to what your skin really needs is reducing your dependency on commercial skin products. It’s never acceptable to expose your skin to unknown chemicals without knowing their implications for your body. Take note some products may cause adverse reactions, such as skin irritation or breakouts.

As you eliminate unnecessary skincare products, you’re already reducing the number of cosmetic wastes on landfills and oceans. Not only that, you’re saving a lot of money by focusing only on the essentials.

The beauty of the intuitive skincare approach is that it comes with a framework by choosing the products and ingredients that meet the requirements of healthy and supportive skin care. Once you understand the basic rules, it’ll be easier to choose which ingredients and products that work for your concerns and preferences while considering the external factors your skin faces.

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