The How’s of Saving Money When You Always Overspend on Solo Travels

Traveling is fun, exciting, and liberating, especially when you are out on your own. They say everyone should go on a solo trip at least once a lifetime. This will help you experience many things, learn to depend on one except yourself, and find the chance to reinvent yourself. You get to think only about yourself and no one else. You can take your take, make decisions on your own, and practice self-love.

Why Many Avoid Traveling Solo

Many people dread traveling solo not only due to security issues. Sure, we are afraid to get lost, lose our baggage, or even get abducted when we have no companion to rely on one. But the other reason they find it hard to make solo travel plans is they often spend way too much when traveling alone.

When traveling with a group, you can enjoy the clout of accommodations. A group’s buying power is usually higher than that of a single traveler. The more travelers booking activities and accommodations, the more guests they can cater to and the more they are likely to spend.


When you travel alone, you have no one to split the bills with. This means if you want your own room or need to go somewhere via private car, you usually need to handle all the costs. The reality is that not all solo travelers can afford and are willing to break the bank just to enjoy the trip.

Why You Spend Too Much on Solo Trips

There can be many reasons why you are spending way over your budget when traveling on your own. Knowing what areas you usually blow your budget on will help you save more cash in the future. Some reasons why you overspend during solo trips are as follows.

You Have Too Many Essentials

Many travelers are guilty of bringing way too much stuff when on a trip. There is a reason why travel experts recommend packing light. Those extra kilos off of your baggage can cost you money.

To avoid having to pay for additional baggage, learn how to prioritize your needs and wants. Before you pack your stuff, ask yourself the things you can’t live without when traveling. Lay these out on your bed and ask yourself what can you do to lessen the weight of your baggage.

Consider the number of days you will be on the trip, the kind of climate and weather at your destination, and the activities you will engage in. This will give you an idea of what and how many clothes to bring, and what accessories you will need.

For instance, traveling for leisure on a tropical destination meant bringing along light and flowy clothes and bringing at least one jacket for the trip. Aside from your essentials, only bring your beauty must-haves in travel-sized reusable bottles. If you absolutely want to keep your hair picture-ready, only bring a few must-haves such as a mini brush straightener.

You Only Travel During Peak Season

One beauty of solo traveling is you get to make all the plans whenever you want. You only have yourself to ask, prepare, and do all the planning. But why are you still choosing peak seasons when traveling?

If you really want to save money, do travel off-season. This means never around holidays, summer and Christmas breaks, etc. There’s a reason why they call peak seasons high season. Everything is more expensive and you will be around lots of people which makes your life more stressful.

So, on your next solo travel, avoid peak seasons. You can get lower flight prices, snag excellent accommodations, and enjoy a more peaceful break from your everyday life. The fewer the crowd, the better your destination will look in your Instagram photos.

Also, instead of the best hotels in your travel destination, choose hostels. You will enjoy better cultural experiences at lower rates. They even offer more discounts if you stay for more than two weeks at a time.

You Always Indulge in Unnecessary Extras

What extras are not worth it? Think of those memberships and subscriptions that you spend more money over compared to your savings. Also, think of your other extra spending that won’t make your travel more fun.

For instance, remember that travel credit card your bank is offering you? If you are a frequent traveler who can spend the card’s minimum requirement, then go ahead and get one. But remember that in order for you to really rack up rewards points, you need to travel at least three times each year or else stick to a cashback card.

These are but three reasons why many people go way over their budget while on solo travels. If you are guilty of these solo travel sins, know that you are not alone. But it is never too late to have a change of heart. Know where you are wasting money and change your habits. You will find it easier to save more money and focus on the experience instead.

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