The roles facial fillers play in augmenting the nose

One of the most common facial features that comes under the spotlight when talking about facial aesthetic enhancements is the nose. People often have varying opinions of the shape and size of their noses, and seek to change their visual appearance. For those who may consider their nose to be too large, or not their desired shape, Dermal Fillers in London – a non-surgical aesthetic treatment – can help correct these and other issues.

In recent years there has been a growing market for non-surgical cosmetic treatments to bring about a ‘polished’ look, and research into the state of the non-surgical market in the UK suggests that the industry is worth more than £3bn. For patients who want to change the shape of their nose with the use of dermal fillers, now is a good time to seek out different kinds of treatment.

How facial fillers are used to enhance the nose

When looking to undergo an aesthetics procedure, patients should consider researching the skill level and experience of their chosen practitioner.

The strategic placement of facial filler for maximum effect requires a certain level of expertise, and it is crucial that the patient choses a practitioner with this level of skill. Through experience, a practitioner gains a steady hand, which is a must-have skill when it comes to administering treatment in the form of injections

The process of injecting filler into the chosen position on the nose can influence the appearance of the whole face. To better understand how this works, it is helpful to factor in the different ways in which we perceive the face and the placement of the nose within it.

The role played by light reflection

woman with nice nose

Looking at the placement of the nose on the face, what people see is often the effects of redirected light, as the reflection is cast off the skin’s surface. In many instances, this reflection means that the nose may take on a disproportionately large look.

When it comes to correcting issues of imbalance and unevenness, It is not just the shape and size of the nose that patients may be unhappy with. Patients often want to address issues with asymmetry (bumps and dents) and injectable fillers can help here too. An experienced practitioner will discern the exact spot on the nose that would receive the filler to achieve the desired results.

Address the effects of the ageing process

The ageing process brings its own effects to facial features, the most common of these being a loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of facial lines. However, one of the lesser talked about effects of ageing is the nose drop or dipping. Here, facial fillers can be used to create a slightly uplifting effect when injected near the base of the nose.

The NHS advises patients considering dermal fillers to conduct proper research into the practitioner they choose to administer the treatment. Patients who are looking for reputable dermal fillers should ask questions that include: the brand name of the filler, the brand’s origins, and whether the practitioner possesses the proper qualifications and related experience .

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