Thinking of finding a new practice?

For those individuals who are not completely happy with their current dental practice, or have not visited a local dentist in Kings Hill for many years, there is no time like the present to speak with a professional about the options available that can revolutionise their oral health and allow them to feel better about their smile.

Fear of dental practices or of dental procedures are just two examples of the reasons why some people leave their oral health care off the agenda. Other people are simply not very organised, are embarassed about the condition of their teeth or feel like they cannot afford the care that they need.

Unfortunately, delaying or avoiding frequent visits to a dental practice does a lot more harm than good and often turns out to be a more costly and unpleasant experience. Restorative treatments have certainly improved over the years, but a lot of focus has been placed on preventive care, effectively eliminating the need for restorative treatments to be done in the first place.

Patients can take advantage of this improvement in services in a number of ways. They can rest assured knowing that equipment and services are innovative and up to date. For example, intensive lighting and strong magnification tools allow for professionals to be able to identify even the earliest signs of decay; something that could not be achieved in former years.

With this quick identification, treatment plans and procedures can be implemented and executed without delay, giving a patient a better chance at repairing the damage before the need of restorative treatments.

What happens if they are too late?

dental appointment

If an individual has avoided frequent check-ups and the result is that they do need to have some kind of restorative treatment, then they can speak confidently with a friendly team member at their local dental practice for advice.

Many restorative treatments are more effective, faster and more durable than they once were, meaning a patient can enjoy a repair that is likely to be successful and to last much longer.

One example of this are dental implants, a treatment that replaces teeth and can be used instead of dentures or bridges. Implants are fixed permanently into the mouth and can last for decades.

Teeth straightening devices are also very popular, with new devices emerging constantly that cater to an individual’s unique needs and desires. Traditional braces are still in use for complex situations, but streamlined, invisible options – as well as clear, removable aligners give many patients the luxury of choosing a model that best suits them and their needs throughout the teeth straightening journey.

In relation to a patient’s dental health, the healthcare provider at the dental practice will always ensure time is set aside during each appointment to give them a chance to discuss certain points with their patient. This gives patients the opportunity to speak about any concerns or goals that are important to them regarding their smile and the oral healthcare professional can also raise any points that are necessary, for their patient to be able to maintain the correct level of oral health and hygiene.

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