Artificial replacement teeth that mirror the look and function of natural teeth

Tooth replacement implants are purposefully designed dental instruments used to restore adult teeth that have fallen out or are so extensively damaged that it is better for the patient that they are extracted. A single missing tooth may, in the larger picture, not seem very significant. After all, there are plenty of other teeth still present to do the job of biting and chewing. But the danger lies in the very gap that is left open by a missing tooth.

Missing teeth heighten the risk of surrounding teeth shifting out of position in the dental arch, causing misalignment issues, not to mention undesirable changes to aesthetic concerns. These problems are magnified when more than one tooth is missing. To guard against these problems dental implants in Birmingham  are used to fill the gaps left open and have further oral health benefits in that they help to protect jawbone density.

Tooth root implants are made of metal with titanium being a commonly used material and even though they are a foreign substance to the body, patients need not fear as they are completely safe and reliable anchoring dental tools.

Design structure improves sustainability of treatment

Dental clinic A motivating factor behind the success of tooth implants is how they are designed to function which is in the same way that natural teeth do. In the same way that the natural tooth has two main parts – the root that anchors the tooth to the jawbone below the gum line and the visible white crown – so too does a dental implant. This mirroring of a natural tooth in addition to being fixed dental tools are what differentiates this type of restorative dentistry treatment (also considered as part of cosmetic dentistry) and other traditional treatments like dentures.

The practical and aesthetic results made possible by artificial tooth implants are not only superior to conventional alternatives, but offer a favourable longevity success rate of 95.4 per cent even after a period of ten years. For patients to enjoy such a reliable lifetime of service there are a few conditions that need to be met with.

It is important for patients to be aware even artificial implants are vulnerable to the same dangers that natural teeth are. This means that poor dental health that leads to periodontal disease and eventual tooth loss can affect implants in the same way.

In order to protect the continued success of implants, it is critical that risk factors are kept to a minimum. This is best achieved with dentist recommended oral hygiene practices at home, in-clinic deep cleaning procedures and scheduled professional check-up visits.

Fixed teeth restorative solutions eliminate the worry of embarrassing situations like teeth falling out or the fear of not being able to eat foods one enjoys. Implant treatments remain a viable solution that provides benefits such as healthier gums and more comfortable biting and chewing functionality.

The first step for patients interested in restorative dentistry procedures like dental implants is to  schedule a consultation with an experienced dental practitioner who has the relevant training. This way a practice that has a dental team with extensive experience in providing cosmetic dental treatments will ensure you are likely to receive your implant with great success.

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