Travelling: Make Better Food Choices at the Airport

Does the idea of eating at airports scare you? The combination of stress during a layover and boredom due to lack of activities can make you feel hungry. Let's face it, though, eating can be considered as a way to pass time. Good thing, today’s airports are more than just a place where travellers pass by. A majority of them are high-tech and have plenty of attractions and dining options to offer. Here’s how you can enjoy each meal:

Choices and Preparations

Don’t limit your water intake just so you can skip a trip to the restroom. The more dehydrated you are, the more you're tempted to eat unhealthy calories. If you're on a diet, drinking a glass of water before eating would make you feel full faster.

If you're having a layover in Singapore, for instance, consider yourself lucky. First of all, Singapore Changi Airport has amazing dining options in all its terminals. It hosts a variety of attractions, too, that would help make your stay as comfortable as possible. Airports around the world have their own ways to satisfy guests, so don't hesitate to ask.

Waiting before your flight can be stressful. Combat that by eating meals that are rich in fibre, fat, and protein. Eat meals that have meat, nuts, greens, cheese, beans, and healthy oils like avocado oil and stay away from too many sweets.

Dining Options

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Most airports have coffee shops, and a lot of them have decent meal offerings. Find whole-grain breakfast options that feature proteins like eggs and other nutritious ingredients like vegetables. These meals are good enough to keep you going before your flight.

You might get confused with all the food options in airports these days, but stick to healthier choices. If you have pocket Wi-Fi or there's a free airport Wi-Fi, search online for restaurant options in that airport. Chances are, you’ll find something you’ll like.

There are times when ordering pre-packaged meals are okay. However, you should choose made-to-order food over pre-packaged ones before your flight. Eating made-to-order meals is better for your tummy. After all, fresh is still the best and more nutritious.

Dining Inside the Airport

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Are you travelling with a group? If you are and they’re opting for beers and burgers, go the other way and still eat something healthier. It may seem like you're spoiling the fun, but this is so you can prevent yourself from throwing up during the flight. You would rather eat a full meal that won’t get you bloated.

Choose meals that aren’t loaded with sugars and bad carbohydrates. It’s easy to find a stall selling chocolates or trail mix in gigantic bags. Of course, this is okay if you’re in a group, but eating everything by yourself is a no-no. If you must buy, choose small packs so you won't be tempted to feast on everything. 

Dining at the airport can be fun when you know what you’re looking for. There can be some unhealthy choices, which are okay if your tummy can tolerate it. Choosing healthy options is still the way to go. Find restaurants that serve fresh, delicious, and nutritious meals. Trust us. You can find that even at the airport.

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