A Great Place in London: What Makes Wimbledon a Great Place to Live In?

London is a great city. It is a cosmopolitan urban area where people thrive and pursue their careers in the backdrop of culture, aesthetics, and rich history. This is why a lot of people from different parts of Great Britain and from all over the world flock to this city to live and be part of its longstanding heritage. And why not? The city is teeming with communities and neighbourhoods that all make great places to live in. You may think of Notting Hill, the high-end apartments within Piccadilly Circus, and the urbane homes close to Hyde Park. If you are invested in finding the best and most suitable home for you, you are bound to find it.

When you are looking for a neighbourhood that is neither too congested nor too sparse, you may want to consider Wimbledon as part of your list. This district lies in the southwest part of London, which actually makes it strategic and truly accessible. If you are looking for more reasons to check out Wimbledon as a prospective living place, here are some of the reasons to keep in mind:

It is culturally rich

Wimbledon is easily anonymous to tennis. After all, it is the birthplace of the oldest tennis tournament in the world: The Championships, Wimbledon. But that is not the only significant thing here. It is a culturally rich place with a lot of historical spots to visit and theatres where you can watch great plays and musicals. Among the most significant theatres here include the New Wimbledon Theatre and Polka Children’s Theatre. There are also some museums here that will let you discover the history of the neighbourhood.

It is easy to access

Buying a house in Wimbledon may mean that you actually get easy access to transportation, which can actually take you to anywhere in London. Tube stations, such as the Wimbledon Park Tube Station and South Wimbledon Tube Station are here. You also have access to Raynes Park railway station and Wimbledon Chase railway station.

It has a lot of green spots

If you are planning to raise kids in a perfectly great suburban setting, Wimbledon is a great place of choice. This is because the district has a lot of green spots that make bonding with family and friends truly possible. Your kids can play and have picnics in one of these green patches. Among them include the Wimbledon Common. The grounds of St. Mary’s Church also make a good meeting place.

It is an epitome of luxury

A street of family houses in suburban area

The Wimbledon may be a quiet village, but it is a village full of millionaires. It is the address of moneyed people, so you should not be surprised to see mansions and luxurious apartments. When you buy a home here, it is possible that your home will also have great value eventually.

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious and beautiful communities in London. This is why more and more people are going to this community to start a new life. If you are thinking of getting a real estate property here, it pays that you seek the services of a reliable property consultant and broker.

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