What Is the Meaning Behind Jewelry

When compared to women’s average, men’s ring sizes are bigger. But this would not change the meaning behind a ring. This jewelry is commonly used as a symbol of engagement. For others, it can signify friendship and promises.

Because rings are usually made out of precious materials such as gold and diamonds, they are often associated with wealth. They are considered by many as an investment or an asset. They are easily sold or pawned, and they do not lose their value. But for what other purposes does jewelry serve? Throughout history, it has been a symbol of many things. This can be a source of inspiration for you if you are getting someone these valuable accessories. What meaning would you want to give them?


The crafting of jewelry itself is an art. The materials are meticulously crafted by hand. Assembling or arranging a few diamonds on a ring, for example, requires steady hands and surgical precision. They have to be placed just right as they serve as the highlight of the band.

When you watch celebrities during prestigious awards shows, they dress to the occasion by wearing the most beautiful clothes. And their jewelry is picked carefully so that it matches their outfits perfectly. A necklace, for instance, would complement the actress’ gown. When your eyes reach the necklace, it should elicit awe. It should also elevate the beauty of its wearer.

Elsewhere, there is a tribe in Myanmar called the Kayan. They are best known for their women wearing neck rings that would make them look like they have elongated necks. This is believed to be a symbol of beauty for them.

Power and Authority

crownCrowns are reserved for the highest members of royalty: the king and the queen. Although not as prominently displayed in modern times, it is often associated with having the highest position of authority on the land.

Trace way back to the past, to where the most primal of human instincts are in play. Hunting wildlife could be for food or sport. For the latter, a way to celebrate man’s hunting prowess was by wearing or collecting something from the remains of the animal. Wearing the pelt of a ferocious animal would let others know of your strength. For as long as you were the only one wearing it, you were unequaled. It served as a trophy and built the reputation of the hunter.


When a new king or queen is presented, the crown will be pass on to them. This is a tradition that will go on, and the crown will move along with it. It can signify a passing of the torch or the birth of a new generation.

Within families of today, jewelry is also passed on to the next generation. Some even bestow their wedding rings to the young ones as a sign of their blessing.

Jewelry is more than just an accessory. It can represent history and intentions. Its value does not lie only in how expensive they are but also in what meaning it conveys.

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