What Traits Do Women Find Attractive in Other Women?

We’ve always talked about what women find attractive in men, and vice versa. Women’s attraction to other women is talked about from the romantic and sexual perspective. But women can admire other women without necessarily being physically attracted to them. It’s not always sexual or romantic. It’s, in the words of millennials, a girl crush. You admire another woman for the traits that you either share or lack.

Sure, others admire other women so much they get lip fillers to make them look like Angelina Jolie. Some women undergo the knife to get the same buttocks as Kylie Minogue’s or Jennifer Lopez’s. That’s natural. Don’t you want to look like other women if you have the power—and the money—to do so? But women get attracted to other women aside from their physical looks. They also fall in love with their traits.

Strength and Power

Women admire the likes of Michelle Obama, Angela Merkel, and Jacinta Ardern because of the strength and power they exemplify. Women’s fight for recognition and determination has been well-documented. But even in the 21st century, the fight for women’s rights isn’t done yet. In many parts of the world, women are suffering from unequal pay, discrimination, domestic abuse, and harassment. When women see other women thriving against these injustices, they cannot help drowning them in admiration, hoping their stories can happen to them, too.


career woman

When you see other women reach the pinnacle of success in business and the corporate world, you feel envious, don’t you? But you also feel admiration. You want to be like them. You want to reach what they have reached. You hope that it will happen to you, too, after all the hard work you’ve poured into your own career. You try to follow their paths and carve your name in the industry you’re in. Women admire other women who have striven and succeeded in their careers.

Sense of Humor

Somehow, a sense of humor draws people with ease. Men and women are naturally drawn to people who can make you feel at ease. Women aren’t known for their sense of humor. It’s always the men who get to be the funny one. So when women find other women who are funny and comical, they tend to admire them because it takes a special kind of confidence to be able to make people laugh.


Don’t you just love stylish women? Take a look at some of the social media accounts you follow. Aside from celebrities and athletes, you also follow women who have a great personal style. Even if you’re not exactly stylish yourself, you love looking at photos of women and how they dress up casually or for events. At times, you’ll even try to copy their styles. And although it doesn’t always look the same on you as it does on them, you feel a sense of pride for trying to follow a style you’ve seen on someone you admire.

Other people find it confusing when women say that they are crushing on another woman. They find it bewildering that women can idolize other women the way men idolize Michael Jordan. For women, admiring the same sex shows camaraderie. It’s a validation that if they can reach their goals amid the inequalities that women face every day, then all women can, too.

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