Why Should You Go on a Gap Year?

Some students are already sure or at least have a general idea of their plans and career paths after finishing high school. On the other hand, many students are still unsure of the jobs or programs they want to enrol in. In the latter case, one way to discover oneself or even get a glimpse of their talents is by going on a gap year.

People who have gone on a gap year cite the following ways that this changed their lives.


Time to Reflect and Contemplate

You might be thinking of several things once you consider various universities and colleges to submit an application to. When you take a gap year, you clear your mind; this gives you more than enough time to reflect on who you are and what you really want.

The conversations you will have with peers or older friends you will meet along the way provide you with insights and shared experiences. These allow you to formulate thoughts about career paths you want to take.

Broaden Your Horizons

When you travel to other countries outside of the continent you are from, you will get a glimpse of what life is like on the other side of the world. These unique cultures, histories and stories from locals broaden your horizons. These enable you to realise you are only a small part in a big whole.

This knowledge makes you feel content but also lets you understand your place in it.

Make Friends with People from All Over the World

When you stay in student accommodation there in Central London, New York, Amsterdam, Bali or Bangkok you will meet all sorts of people who are having the same experiences as you or at around the same age. You will make new friends from different parts of the globe.

This part of your gap year allows you to establish long-lasting friendships or even network for a potential job sometime in the future.

Learn How to be Independent

One of the advantages of going on a gap year is that you will learn how to be independent. From buying flight tickets to crossing borders to finding a place for the night, your year abroad will make you stronger and a better version of yourself.

Learn More about Yourself and Others

When you travel alone or with a small group, you will get a glimpse of who you are through others. Whether you are talking to a countryman from another city or someone from Asia, your conversations, shared culture and stories are ways to learn about yourself and what you want to be.

When you expose and immerse in another culture, you gain a perspective that you will not otherwise know by staying home and going straight to university.

Find a Potential Career

When you travel, you might get into an activity you really love, such as teaching, tour guide or operator, running a guesthouse and others. These experiences help you find a path you want to follow. These also allow you to earn work experience which you can include and talk about when applying for university.

These are just some of the things you will learn and benefit from when you go on a gap year. These experiences will help you discover yourself and maybe even find the career path you want to take.

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