Wondering if Dental Implants are the best solution to treat missing teeth?

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Few people ever truly realise the extent to which they rely on the strength of their teeth until they lose one. When we have a full set of healthy, natural teeth, we often take the privileges that they provide for granted. However, as anyone who has lost a tooth will tell you, having a missing tooth within your mouth can cause a number of problems, both orally as well as socially. Historically, anyone who suffered from dental trauma or lost a tooth through decay found that their treatment options were limited to crowns or bridges. Today however, through treatments provided by practices such as Sheen Dental Implants, it is possible to replace a lost tooth in such a way that all the privileges of a whole set of teeth are restored fully. Patients can enjoy the comfort and stability which they had thought lost – in a permanent way they can trust to keep them smiling for years.

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Why you ought to seek treatment

Losing a tooth is never easy, however as time progresses – particularly in cases where the lost tooth or teeth are not clearly visible – it can be tempting to avoid seeking any treatment at all. Whilst this may seem like the easiest option, it’s important to be aware that there are several seriously damaging and impactful consequences which can arise from having a missing tooth within your mouth. One of the most widely recognised of these consequences is finding it difficult to pronounce certain words correctly, as well as the surrounding teeth shifting out of place. This, in turn can lead to a number of gum related problems arising, such as gingivitis, or periodontal disease – which is currently the second leading cause of adult tooth loss, after trauma related incidents. Another adverse consequence of having a space within your jaw which is untreated is the alteration of your facial structure through bone loss. This happens after the area surrounding the missing tooth is not used for some time, and the bone tissue surrounding the hole is displaced elsewhere throughout the patient’s body, causing a loss of density within that area and a subsequent alteration of the patient’s facial structure.

A solid decision

Thankfully, nowadays the treatment for missing teeth has excelled beyond the point of only covering the hole superficially. There are the means of actually replacing the tooth on a structural level, in a way practically the same as a natural tooth would be embedded inside the patient’s jaw. The replication of the natural embedment of a tooth within a patient’s jaw structure would not be possible without the biocompatibility properties of titanium. As titanium alloy has the ability to merge itself within the natural bone tissue of a patient, it is the perfect material from which to create a false tooth root. This root is surgically placed inside the bone of the patient’s jaw, within the gap where they are missing one or more teeth.

Over time, this false tooth root will bond itself within the patient’s jaw. As such, this specially designed tooth root can therefore be used as a permanently fixed anchor point onto which a denture can be fixed. By scientifically replicating the natural tooth process, dental implants are typically considered to be far more comfortable than dentures or dental crowns. Another advantage to dental implants over other treatments such as dental bridges or crowns is that dental implants are permanently fixed in place, so therefore rarely require numerous repeat visits to the dentist, whereas dentures, crowns and bridges often require regular check-ups throughout the patient’s life. Anybody who has lost a tooth and wants to permanently replace what has been lost, should speak to their local dental provider about implants and make a decision they can rely on to keep their smile healthy and whole on a permanent basis.

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