How to Make Your Wedding Unforgettable for Everyone

Every wedding is unique but some weddings simply stand out, and every couple wants their wedding to be that wedding. It takes a lot of additional — but worthwhile — effort to pull it off. Here’s what you need to do to make your wedding unforgettable for you, your one true love, and all your honored guests.

Encourage pre-ceremony interactions

Before you say “I do”, create a friendly ambiance for your guests by giving them time to get to know each other. By the time the ceremony arrives, everyone will be sharing warm hugs and conversations that will continue throughout the big night. Organize activities that are engaging, adventurous, accessible, and kid-friendly where everyone can participate.

Whether or not you have a cocktail hour before the ceremony, invite your guests to a gathering at a local hangout or the location of your first date. Set up some games that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age. If it feels like too much extra work, ask some friends to help you out. Your best bet are friends who have hosted a wedding or helped organize one. Keep the gathering casual and social. You are not likely to get a chance to mingle this way at the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

Give out useful wedding favors

Wedding favors come in a wide range of options. But unless they are really clever or meaningful, the stuff tends to be forgotten and never used again. If you are spending resources on guests’ favors, rehearsal dinner thank-you presents, or wedding party souvenirs, it has to be something that your guests can regularly use, while reminding them of the lovely occasion when they received it. Once they are home, your guests should be able to bring out your gifts again and again, constantly reminiscing the best wedding they have ever been a part of.

Make them sign a unique guest book

wedding guest book

The traditional guest book is well-meaning and easy, but what about spicing it up to something that reflects your relationship? Have guests sign a representation of something you both love, such as a globe if you are into traveling, a guitar if you are musicians, or a pair of old skis if you enjoy winter sports. The guest book becomes a memento displayed in your home.

Instead of just signing their names, encourage guests to include a special message for both of you. They can write haikus on origami paper, which will be folded into cranes that gets added to a mobile, or they can paint notes onto rocks that will be in a glass bowl on your mantle. You can also ask wedding photographers to take polaroid snaps of the guests as they arrive, have them write a message on the picture, and post the photos in a book.

Your wedding day is your big day as a couple, and it will be unforgettable for the both of you no matter how it goes. Making it just as memorable for your guests takes extra effort. But with these tips, your big day becomes the big day for everyone else.

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