Are You Dealing with Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can affect your daily routine. It can mentally and physically stress you out because of the constant discomfort throughout the day. This can be frustrating because you are unable to achieve certain objectives and might need to rest at inconvenient times. There are therapists and physicians that provide relief and treatment, but it is up to the patient how they respond to the pain.

Experts on chronic pain treatment from Bartlesville cite the following ways to cope:

Learn to manage stress

When you often think about the chronic pain you are experiencing, you will feel stressed. Stress exacerbates the pain you feel because of your constant thoughts about it. This will distract you from focusing on your daily tasks. One way to manage the pain is to reduce stress; there are different ways to achieve this such as:

  • Listen to classical music or anything that relaxes
  • Mental imagery allows you to picture a peaceful place and situation
  • Some experts also recommend progressive muscle relaxation

Use meditation and breathing techniques

The physical pain you experience can make you distracted and uncomfortable, but there is a way to manage this and detach from the body. Meditation and deep breathing techniques allow your muscles to relax and ease tension. The relaxing effect of both allows you to calm your nerves and release the tightness in your muscles and bones. The repetition of certain phrases allows your mind to go to places where you forget the pain you are constantly experiencing. It is possible to do both on your own, but it helps to join a class where you can share experiences with others.

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Exercise regularly

Some may think that exerting themselves will only make their chronic pain worse. The opposite is true – exercise is a way to manage the constant pain you are feeling. Consult your therapist to determine which type of fitness program is right for you. Work with your trainer to strengthen certain parts of your body to help alleviate the pain. Some would recommend weights and resistance training, while others would suggest you do yoga or cardio. Pace yourself and do exercises that improve your fitness level.

Join a support group

Dealing with chronic pain on your own can be stressful, that’s why it is important to join a support group. Sharing experiences with others allow you to feel you are not alone. The support you can get from others relieves stress and frees your mind from the constant pain.

Reduce alcohol intake

Chronic pain makes it difficult to sleep – you might wake up in the middle of the night because of it. Drinking alcohol may exacerbate your sleeplessness. It is best to either reduce intake or stop altogether. Doing so allows you to sleep better and relieve pain.

Take medication

If the pain becomes unmanageable, you might need to take medication. There are medicines that alleviate pain and allow you to go on your daily routine. Consult with your doctor and therapist to determine which ones you must take. It is ideal to combine it with exercise and relaxation techniques.

These are some of the ways you can manage chronic pain. Try these and determine which ones work best for you.

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