Your Guide to a Road Trip with a Well-built Car and Tasty Foods

Traveling is the activity we missed the most during the pandemic. As well-traveled as you thought yourself to be, you probably realized that you had taken your ability to go on trips frequently for granted. As such, you started to appreciate other places more and vowed to enjoy your travel harder next time.

But though we are slowly putting this pandemic under control, air travel is still restricted, so you’ve only got the second-best option: a road trip! With the hype surrounding overseas travels, road trips have become underrated, and it definitely deserves more.

However, after being holed up at home for so long, you might’ve already forgotten how to go on a road trip in style. So here are some tips about your two most essential road-trip companions: your car and your food.

The Best Car for a Road Trip

If you plan to buy a new car before your trip, choose an auto that’s built for your lifestyle. That means placing mileage, reliability, space, character, comfort, and enjoyment among your top considerations while making your choice. You might’ve been able to enjoy epic road trips in a faulty car. Still, after knowing that the right to travel could be taken from you at any moment, you better maximize every opportunity to explore another place. Besides, it’s your car that will take you to your destination, to begin with. Without a well-built and well-maintained car, you can only commute and sacrifice comfort and a shorter travel time.

Going back to the subject, a road-trip car needs to have decent mileage. While you can find a refilling station in the middle of nowhere, it isn’t going to be as aesthetically pleasing as those in the movies and books. Chances are it has a dirty restroom as well.

Reliability is another non-negotiable. If you’re going off-roading, the car should have enough clearance to stay above ground, even on rocky terrains. And if you’re using your existing car, its brakes should work, and the interiors spacious and comfortable. Finally, peeling or fading window tints may look like a minor issue, but they can reduce comfort. So go to a car window tinting shop to have that problem fixed before your trip.

Space is important because, even if you’re traveling solo, you still need a lot of stuff, not to mention room to sleep in if you’re going to camp out. You shouldn’t overlook a car’s character either. The character covers many aspects, from appearance to speed to engine power. If you dread going back to the car to make the drive back home, that is evidence that character matters.

Lastly, comfort and enjoyment are other traits that are often overlooked and shouldn’t be. Contrary to popular belief, comfort isn’t for rich travelers only. If you’re going to be on the road for days, it would be foolish to settle for dusty, hard-worn seats and a stereo that’s almost dying. You deserve to have a good time inside your car too, not just at your destination. So pick a car possessing all of these qualities, and you can make your post-pandemic road trip your best one yet.

Snacks and Meals to Pack

packed snack

No road trip is complete without yummy snacks. They sustain your energy and contribute to your overall enjoyment. But some snacks do little to make a road trip fun, while others evoke smiles effortlessly.

If you don’t know what to munch on in the car, here are some excellent ideas:

  • Leftovers that are easy to pack and consume in the car, like burritos, slices of pizza, or empanadas. They save you money and are filling.
  • Candies. You could use some sugar in a long drive. But they can make you thirsty, and drinking a lot causes multiple bathroom stops.
  • Nutella with breadsticks. The famous chocolate and hazelnut spread is always a good idea.
  • Popcorn. Who said it’s only for the movies?
  • Pocky. The famous Japanese biscuits might as well have been made for road trips. But, of course, they don’t make a mess, too.
  • String cheese. If you’re road-tripping with your kids, better bring some string cheese as a tasty snack in between meals.
  • Fruits and veggies. They may not sound and taste fun, but if you can’t spare a cheat day on your trip, embrace your clean diet.
  • Proper meals. Some bread or pancake bites for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pre-cooked packed meals for dinner. Plan your meals well before taking off because you might not stumble upon a restaurant or fast-food place along a highway.

By just taking a reliable car and tasty, filling food, your post-pandemic road trip can feel like an expensive vacation. So don’t drive off on impulse; plan accordingly because even backpackers can travel in style.

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