Keep Your Place Healthy: How to Control the Rat Infestation in Your Home

Rodents can be a huge problem at home. Unfortunately, many people don’t consider them a problem until they’ve already occupied an entire room. Apart from causing a lot of damages, they can contaminate your food and even spread diseases. Fortunately, besides contacting pest control in Sandy, there are easy ways to exterminate these pests.

Finding rats inside the home

If you want to get rid of your rodent problem, the first step that you need to take is to find out where they live. Since these animals are nocturnal, you won’t see them in the open, especially during the day. But you can always watch out for a few signs of their activity.

At night, you may see them running around the kitchen or hiding underneath the kitchen sink. Rats always come in packs. So, if you see one, it means that others are hiding around the crevices.

You may also notice rat droppings inside your home. It’s often noticeable in the kitchen cupboards or in areas where you store pet food. You can see these droppings in or around the trash bins, too.

Watch out for nests, as well, especially in areas that aren’t easily noticeable. These include boxes or areas where you store books or newspapers as well as other things that you no longer use.

Setting the traps

rat trap

One of the best ways to get rid of rodents inside your home is by setting up traps. They aren’t only easy to set up but are quite affordable, too. Be sure to inspect each trap regularly to see if it works or if the food bait isn’t causing more infestation.

You can set these traps where you often see rat signs, as well as other potential hidden areas. Most of these are in basements, attics, and areas near food sources.

One type of trap that you can consider is a snap trap. It is often the same size as a rat, and it is either made of plastic or wood. Although it’s cheap, it’s highly effective and can be ideal for controlling the infestation.

Glue boards can also be useful in dealing with rats. However, these only work with mice as more giant rats can pull themselves off from the glue. Some can even drag the glue board around even when it’s stuck to a part of their body.

These are only the basic things that you need to know about controlling the rat infestation inside your home. The most crucial aspect of your effort is where you’ll be placing the trap. It would be best if you set it in areas that neither your kids nor your pets can reach so that they’ll get protected against any contact.

If the situation gets worse, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. They have the right tools and solutions to get rid of the rats and their nests effectively. Also, it’s best if you can keep every room of your home clean to prevent rats from infesting and damaging it again.

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