A Gastronomic Guide to Knowing the NYC Lifestyle

Some say that the best way to know a city is by understanding its history and some by visiting famous attractions. Still, for others, the ideal way of getting acquainted with a place is by setting out on a gastronomic adventure.

New York City is one of the world’s most diverse cities, a true melting pot of culture. You can see a collection of different cuisines in its every block. That being said, it is almost impossible to discover New York’s one true flavor since different fusions have permeated its streets, so we’ve collected some of the most must-try bites when traveling in the city that never sleeps.


Besides being a worldwide favorite, pizza is also the safest choice and one that is most ideal for travelers who have just arrived in NYC. Since most visitors aren’t willing to try out food that may settle uncomfortably in their palettes, these cheesy, runny, and crispy slices serve as a delicious option that would provide tourists with a different yet delightful pizza experience.

pepperoni pizza

For an authentic New York pizza experience, you can opt for different variants, such as brick-oven pies, which exude a true Neapolitan taste, or pizzas that are topped with roasted vegetables and different kinds of cheese and sauces. Getting slices from established old-school pizzerias is also a great choice since their pies give off original flavors that locals have come to love.


Food suitable for those on the go, burgers can be conveniently eaten for your different meals throughout the day and can also be taken out and nibbled while you’re strolling around the city on a sightseeing quest. You can enjoy fast-food-style burgers and get yourself a deck featuring the regular works of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions.

If you want to up your experience, you can pine after luxurious ones that are made up of layers of deluxe ingredients, such as different kinds of cheese and sauces, premium-quality beef, and fancy bacon jam, sandwiched together by soft, airy brioche buns.


glasses of milkshake

If you are a local, scouring the neighborhood for something to eat as a way to relax from your long day at work at NYC’s Wall Street, or alleviate the discomfort you feel from having just finished your laser hair removal session, or treat your taste buds to delightful flavors, the best way to give your mood a happy boost is by getting yourself a perfectly chilled and creamy milkshake.

The best pick-me-up on your down days, milkshakes come in different flavors, like the classic vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, but you can also spice it up by topping it with cereals, sprinkles, chocolate chunks, and even whole slices of cake.

Food Trucks

Food trucks are one of the most viable options if you are strapped for time and want to eat something prepared quickly without sacrificing taste. Food trucks can be spotted almost anywhere in New York, and these mobile food stalls also sell dishes from different cultures. By choosing to eat your meals from food trucks, you save time and get to taste global flavors from Mexican, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine. They also offer sandwiches, bagels, and subs, if you want to have a full but convenient meal.


For your sweet fix, New York City offers some of the world’s most delectable pastries. If you’re on a search for delicious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookies, you might want to waltz inside Ovenly, Jacques Torres chocolate shop, or the Levain bakery. The Cheesecake factory and the Breads Bakery also feature decadent pastries and cakes in their menu, allowing you to get delicious variants of cheesecakes, including fresh strawberry and pineapple upside-down cheesecake, as well as cinnamon babka and sourdough bread.

Ice Cream

Traveling to the Big Apple during the summer can be quite an adventure. To combat this, going ice cream shop hopping will be a good addition to your itinerary. A true haven for everyone’s taste buds, you can heighten your NYC experience by going around the city with a delicious ice cream in hand. The Ample Hills Creamery offers flavors you might want to try, such as cotton candy, vanilla bean, strawberries and cream, and royal raspberry.

To expand your list, the local favorite, Davy’s Ice Cream, makes delectable french vanilla, peppermint chip, and salted caramel ice cream flavors, letting you enjoy sweet and delectable treats during your stay in the city.

A city’s history is a big part of how it thrives in modern times, but to get an in-depth understanding of its culture and how its days pass, trying out the different flavors it offers, may it be from the streets or high-end restaurants, can give you a more profound understanding of the lifestyles its locals coming from different walks of life have.

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