Luxury Apartment: Living on a Budget

Our first apartment isn’t always the best or the grandest for most people. That’s fine, since we often move into these apartments when we’re just starting off our careers. There’s always time for better things once we’ve saved up for later.

Still, an okay (or even terrible) first apartment shouldn’t have to visually reflect its price tag. There are many ways one can improve their homestead, one of which is through design. Below we discuss how we can make simple, albeit cheap and dingy apartments look like a million bucks.

Follow a Theme or Aesthetic

A foolproof method to making your space, regardless of its size, appear visually appealing is by being cohesive. Every nook and cranny of your new home should be in line with one theme or palette. This is something most people can achieve, considering how inexpensive it can be.

Make certain that the colors found in every room doesn’t clash with one another. Moreover, your coordinating pieces should also be in line with one vision. Following this results to your rooms looking more put together, as if a professional arranged it herself.

If you’re going for a more black and white look, don’t add too many splashes of color. Or if you’re going for a modern or minimalistic feel, restrain yourself from buying that rustic coffee table even though it’s cheap and the cutest you’ve ever seen.

Install a Rug


Cheaper apartments usually don’t have the best flooring. A wooden or linoleum floor cannot be helped, but it can be improved upon by the existence of rugs. Again, stick with your theme when choosing a rug for your rooms.

Rugs should be noticeable but not too much that they draw attention away from your other pieces of furniture. This doesn’t mean that the handmade modern design rugs that you choose can’t be printed or have a touch of brightness to them.

But if you’ve spent quite a bit of money on art or a beautiful couch, you should allow these items to shine without your rug overshadowing them.

Consider Minimalism

Clutter will make any space of any size appear smaller than it actually is. When you’re working with a tiny apartment, allow yourself to make the most of it by getting rid of items you don’t really need. Following Marie Kondo’s KonMari method gives you an inkling on what objects you can live without.

Ask yourself which ones spark joy, and box up the rest for trash or for donation. This frees up some much needed space where you can put beloved items or even useful decor like magazines in.

Replace Small Fixtures

Cheaper apartments usually come with less than stellar fixtures and hardware. With permission from your landlord, you can make your place look much classier by replacing them. This is an inexpensive endeavor once again considering that door knobs and faucets come cheap.

As for blinds or curtains and rods, there are many alternatives on the market for the pricier ones. A good example of which are bamboo curtains, which are stunning and are also great for the environment.

Add Plants

Don’t go out and buy the cheapest or the prettiest plant you see from the get go. When choosing greenery for your home, explore the options you have that will thrive indoors. This saves you money and prevents any unnecessary plant deaths.

Aside from survival rate inside, you can also look up and check indoor plants that come in various shades. This widens your selection, and is a good way of adding splashes of colors into your home.

With all of these in mind, a home can be made chic without having to spend too much money on it. Those of us working with limited budget just need to be resourceful and smarter when making home decisions.

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