The Cool Attitude of the Cowboy Starts with the Gear

Whenever anyone of us goes to a rodeo, we feel we need to blend in with the crowd. When you do, you want to wear a cowboy hat and the cowboy boots that make anyone look cool. For many women, looking like a cowgirl takes more than just a hat and boots, though.

Most people love the iconic appearance of the cowboy or cowgirl. It epitomizes the attitude many people associate with the west: independence, strength, skill, and attitude. But you have to start somewhere, and it all starts with the gear.

Why Wear Cowboy Gear?

One thing that you should be careful in choosing is the hat. Western hats are often wide-brimmed to protect you from the heat, wind and rain. Western outfit for women often includes leather vests, denim jeans or skirts, and even fringes as part of the design. If you want to wear jeans, you could also choose to include leather chaps as part of your outfit. These provide grip, especially if you choose not to wear tall boots. Chaps also protect your legs and thighs from thorns and branches. You protect your self from bruises or scrapes on that fair skin.

Standard cowboy boots are often high enough to give riders control and stability. At the same time, cowboy boots protect your feet from water, mud and snakebites. Additionally, cowboy boots have a higher heel than regular boots. The heel allows the rider’s feet to hold in the stirrups and control the horse. There are many kinds of cowboy boots, so choose one that suits your style.

Strictly for Cowgirls

beautiful girl in style of the countryWhen choosing your gear, you should be selective about the denim. The denim should not be too thick or too thin for the season. You could find yourself sweating under intense heat or freezing because of the cold. For spring or summer, choose denim skirts that have a basic, straight cut that reaches your knees.

The skirt should hug your hips without making you feel uncomfortable. And though denim is the standard fabric of choice, you could also choose linen and cotton with plaid designs that can make you noticeable in a gray landscape.

Why Go for a Straw Cowboy Hat?

To complete your gear, you might want to go for straw cowboy hats for girls. One thing you have to remember is this kind of hat is suitable for the summer months. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to choose a Bangora type of hat which is ideal for working and keeps you cool while you are out in the heat. You should take a look at “x” designation and choose one that has 15x or higher because of its good quality. They also won’t lose their shape when wet.

The next time you go to a rodeo, you know you don’t have to feel out of place. You can buy western gear for women and children, and you could look as authentic as you want to be. It takes more than a hat or boots; you know you have the most important thing of all: attitude.

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