Great Things That Could Happen on a Cruise Ship

All of us will eventually grow old. In time, some of us will even require home care to attend to our most basic needs. Before that day comes, we might as well make the most of our life and our agile bones. There’s no use working your tail off if there’s no room in your life for rest and recreation. You need to have a bucket list to which you commit diligently. Check the items therein one at a time. And that list should include a cruise ship adventure.

Contrary to popular belief, cruise ships are not purely for retirees or families looking for wholesome fun. You can be a single professional and have a blast on a big boat sailing across time zones. Here are life-changing possibilities that can happen on a cruise ship.

You meet your soulmate

On a cruise, you share a boat with hundreds of strangers. And since everyone’s on vacation mode, the mood will be relaxed and happy. That’s the best recipe for romance. Who knows? Maybe while you’re tanning yourself under the sun some buffed-up dude will offer to put sunscreen on your back like you’re on a Hollywood movie. Or while you’re at the deck bar nursing a cocktail, some lady in a hat sits on the stool next to yours and strikes a conversation that leads to your very own ship version of Before Sunrise.

You meet your best friend

A few years ago, a story about cruise ship best friends reunited by Twitter made the headlines. Twitter user @briannacry tweeted about a friend she met in 2006 aboard a Hawaiian cruise. The tweet came with a picture of two girls. Twitter did its thing, and soon enough Twitter user @heii_tree responds. The two were eventually reunited. They even appeared on talk shows together.

If the stars don’t align to give you romance on a cruise ship, the next best thing is you find your best friend or future partner in crime. That could even be better than romance.

couple on a cruise ship

You discover a life-changing passion

On a cruise ship, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in different activities. From fitness programs to cultural shows, you will have no shortage of ways to entertain yourself. One of these activities might reawaken a long-dormant passion you have. Or something entirely new that catches you by surprise. Either way, that realization can lead you to a more fulfilling journey of self-actualization. For instance, while watching a show with gifted singers and dancers, you might again realize how much you used to love performing as a child. And how you were pretty good at it. Maybe the next time you’re on a cruise ship, you’ll be one of those performers because you decided to quit your boring nine to five.

You write a bestseller

Take a cue from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love. That bestselling novel became a Hollywood box office hit. Julia Roberts played the author.

Since how to spend your time on a cruise ship is entirely up to you, you can choose to devote hours for introspection. That might lead to a book that has the potential to be the next Eat Pray Love. While looking at the open sea, start thinking about which Hollywood celebrity you want to portray your character on screen. Maybe Kate Winslet from Titanic? Or Leo if you’re a dude.

You begin to see the world from a different perspective

You’re on a boat sailing across the open sea. Above you is the sky. In front of you, at least if you’re standing on the bow deck, is the horizon. This kind of setting will get you thinking thoughts you’ve probably never bothered with before. Make the most of it. The best thing that can happen is you disembark the cruise ship with a different perspective on life. Hopefully, a better perspective. That would be priceless. And it’s something no one can take away from you.

If you have enough money and paid vacation leaves saved, it’s time you consider booking a ticket on a cruise ship. You work hard, and you deserve nothing less. It’s time to pamper yourself and travel in style and comfort.

On top of seeing some of the world’s most amazing destinations, you might also experience one or all of the life-changing possibilities cited here. If not, at least you get to check another item from your bucket list. And once you grow old and frail, you’ll have exciting stories to tell to whoever’s willing to listen.

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